Obtaining a violin for Beginners and continuing students

New or used violins may be purchased / rented from one of the local music stores. Below is a list of stores with instruments in stock:

Long & McQuade                                                 Halifax Folklore Centre
Main Street / Cunard St.                                       1528 Brunswick St.
Dartmouth  / Halifax                                             Halifax
902-496-6996 / 902-496-6900                              902-423-7946

Long & McQuade:
We recommend the Long & McQuade rental or rent-to-own program as the best option for your child. Their program allows you to have low monthly payments (roughly $15 – $25 dollars per month) put towards owning the instrument by the end of the contract term. You may exchange sizes free of charge as your child grows until the end of the rental contract term. Their inexpensive insurance policy is a great deal for the protection against large repair bills.

(Once your child reaches the junior and senior high school years, is on a full-size violin, and is capable of taking care of a more delicate instrument, you may want to consider purchasing a brand such as an Eastman, Yamaha, or Carleton.  See your director for the right fit for you.)

 Used Instruments for Sale:
Some Long &McQuade stores are now selling used instruments that students have traded in.

There are some used instruments available from previous students within the Dartmouth String Program, especially the smaller sizes. Please see the bulletin board at the Music Centre or ask around.

Consumers beware:  Buying used may run the risk of purchasing a “good deal” that ends up being more costly either by money or student frustration if you end up with something that doesn’t work well or requires unknown repairs.

Well-Used Rentals:
There are a limited number of well-used violins available through the Dartmouth Music Centre and may be rented for $100 per year.

 Other Violin Needs:
If you are a beginner violinist you will need to purchase books at Long & McQuade as specified by your child’s violin teacher. You will also need rosin and a spare set of strings from the same store. In addition all violin students need a small cloth, sponge, elastic band, pencil and 3-ring binder.


Status Update Sept 7 2016

I decided I missed teaching so I have taken a position with Dartmouth All City Music and will be teaching in four elementary schools and junior and senior high students at the Music Centre.  I am looking forward to meeting the students and making some exciting sounds soon!

You will see a page at the top menu bar for each of the schools I will be at, and on those pages I will post information for those students and their families.


Status Update Nov 1

June 7 Schedule for the week 

CONCERT June 8.  6:15 warm-up. 7:00 start @spatztheatre. We will be last on program. (Order band, choir, strings). dress all black. 

Tuesday and Thursday  noon theory ALL. 

Wed and Thurs regular practice. 

Friday CONCERT @ Sir Charles Tupper school at 9:00. Be there by 8:40.  1930 Cambridge St.  Walk back to Citadel for second period (late). 

Friday 3:30 theory exam.