Status Update Nov 1

June 7 Schedule for the week 

CONCERT June 8.  6:15 warm-up. 7:00 start @spatztheatre. We will be last on program. (Order band, choir, strings). dress all black. 

Tuesday and Thursday  noon theory ALL. 

Wed and Thurs regular practice. 

Friday CONCERT @ Sir Charles Tupper school at 9:00. Be there by 8:40.  1930 Cambridge St.  Walk back to Citadel for second period (late). 

Friday 3:30 theory exam.  

Congratulations on a successful String Night Concert!

The annual String Night Concert was a big hit with students and parents alike. As a showcase of the entire string program, each level can only show a tiny example of what they can do, and your performance as the seniors certainly was exciting for the little ones just starting out! You can be proud of yourselves for sticking with music since grade three or four!

Next week we must buckle down and finish the theory assignments and be ready for the exam coming up fast. Our spring concert is June 8, and we will be doing a school concert at Sir Charles Tupper on June 11 (Thursday). That will be our last regular meeting. We will have a couple grad rehearsals after that.


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